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The Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) has been added in JDK version 1.4. In this category, you'll find how to process XML documents with the DOM and SAX interfaces. The Extensible StyleSheet Language Transformation (XSLT) is a set of APIs to transform one XML into another XML (or HTML).

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  What is JAXP and how do I use it in Java?
  How do I use SAX?
  How do I use Apache's Xerces SAX parser?
  How do I ensure the SAX parser is validating my XML document?
  How do I create an HTML page from an XML template using XMLC?
  How do I serialize a Java object into XML?
  How do I convert an XML to an HTML using XSLT with Xalan?
  How do I programmatically create a DOM tree?
  How do I write out a DOM tree to System.out?
  How do I write out a DOM subtree to System.out?
  How do I get the attributes of a Node?
  How do I include binary data in an XML?
  How do I turn off DTD validation?
  How do I convert an HTML to an XML well-formed document?
  How do I check whether a node has attributes?
  What does the Node method normalize do?
  How do I list out the elements that belong to a particular namespace?
  How do I create my own error handler with DOM?
  How do I create my own error handler with SAX?
  How do I traverse an DOM tree using a NodeIterator?
  How do I traverse an DOM tree using a TreeWalker?
  What is JDOM?
  How do I save binary data in an XML?
  How do I pretty-print an XML?

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