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Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) are server-side components that execute within an EJB container which in turn executes within an EJB server. The container provides services such as such as transaction and resource management, versioning, scalability, mobility, persistence, and security to the EJB components it contains. Because you, as an component developer don't have to take caore of these functions, you can concentrate on business rules. Check out the examples to get started writing an EJB component and the numerous tutorials, products and links.

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      Why does an EJB need 2 interfaces?


      How do I get started with an EJB stateless session bean in JBoss?
      How do I get started with an EJB stateful session bean in JBoss?
      How do I get started with an EJB entity bean in JBoss?

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