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JavaServer Pages (JSP)

JSP, JavaServer pages allow you to write dynamic web pages. JSP makes it possible to mix static HTML with dynamically generated HTML. With Java Servlets, you would have to create the whole page dynamically.

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Java Servlet, Apache Tomcat

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      Questions & Answers
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        How do I get started with JSP using Tomcat?
        How can I process FORM input elements inside a JSP page?
        How do I redirect a JSP page to another one?
        How do I use comments in a JSP page?
        How do I keep the browser from caching my JSP page?
        How do I forward a Servlet request to a JSP page?
        How do I set, modify, delete cookies in a JSP page?
        How do I debug a JSP?
        How do I create sessions in JSP?
        How do I pass objects between a servlet and a JSP?
        How do I include a file in the middle of my JSP page?
        Can I execute a JSP from the command line?
        What is Model 1 and Model 2?
        What application server should I use to host my JSPs?
        How do I call an EJB from a JSP?
        What is the difference between ASP and JSP?
        How do I configure IIS with JRun to make a website run JSP?
        How do I determine whether cookies are enabled from within a JSP?
        What is the difference between <jsp:forward> and response.sendRedirect() ?
        How do I deliver an image with a JSP?
        Why do I get an java.lang.IllegalStateException when forwarding a request?
        How do I disable the default buffering for a JSP page?
        What are the buffer and autoFlush attributes in the page directive?
        How do I get the referring url from within my JSP page?
        How do I access the HTTP Request headers from a JSP?
        Why doesn't IE handle my JSP pages with content-type "text/plain" correctly?
        How do I create and use my own JSP exception page?
        How do I log strings or exceptions to my JSP engine?
        How do I get context initialization parameters?

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